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Somerset Driving School Reviews

I go to Manville High School and once I turned 16 I was looking for schools to start my 6 hours. My friend referred me to this school and I don’t regret my choice. The instructor is very nice and funny and teaches me what I need to know and we have conversations which makes me feel more comfortable behind the wheel. I recommend coming here for teens for sure!!

Ama V.

I am from the Manville high school and I have taken lesson from this driving school. Anyone looking here for lessons should take them as the experience I had was great. The driving instructor (Khan) was very helpful and was able to guide me perfectly. It was also a very fun time and I was able to drive very well by the end of my session. I believe 5 stars for a review should be given as I feel like I haven’t given the school enough credit for the opportunity I have been given. It was an amazing experience at a very affordable price and I would recommend going to the driving school.

FrostyEtwon 21

I really enjoyed my experience and felt like I really learned a lot in such few sessions. Mr. Khan was a great instructor and gave great tips that helped ease the fear and tension once I started. He also made things very easy to understand and gave concise instructions. Overall, amazing experience.

One Punch101

I am a junior from South Brunswick HS and I completed my six hours and road test with this school. Mr. Khan helped me so much and now I feel a lot better about driving on my own. He was very patient with me and corrected mistakes so I could learn from them. I really recommend this driving school!

Cherrie Wong

Great Driving school. I’m from Somerville High School and took my six hours here. My Instructor Khan was great and taught me a lot. Great place to learn and would recommend to go here if you are a new driver!

Ricky Flok

I am from Hillsborough High school. I completed my driving test with Somerset driving school. It was amazing! He was so nice and helped me 100% pass my test with flying colors. Thank you!

Autumn Mcpartland

Somerset driving school is definitely the best driving school. I had a successful learning experience with my instructor, Khan. He was extremely patient and communicated well. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and was always very kind. I feel very prepared to get on the road!

Veronica Fisher

Hello! I’m a junior at South Brunswick High School and I am very happy with the service that Somerset Driving School provided. I completed my 6 hours and my road test with this school and passed! I feel very confident on the road and recommend this school to any new drivers that would like a comfortable and encouraging setting to start driving.

Hyma Gollakota

My experience was very good and I felt that I was properly prepared for driving in the future. My instructor was Kahn and he was very professional and encouraging towards me. Whenever I would make a mistake he would always help me fix it in a very productive manner. I am glad to have picked this driving school.

Alex Villa

I had a great and successful experience with Somerset Driving School! I completed my six hours behind the wheel. The instructor was very patient and assisted me with everything I was having trouble with. When it was time for my road test he helped me pass my road test at my first attempt. The instructor helped me with parallel parking and assured that I was ready for the test. He was very sufficient and made me feel confident when about to take the test. I highly recommend Somerset Driving School for any upcoming drivers!

Zubaida Khan

I am from Bridgewater Raritan High School, I very much enjoyed my time in this school and it taught me the basics of how to drive a motor vehicle. Would recommend for anyone starting out!


I’m from somerville highschool. Khan was my driving instructor and he was a good teacher and person to take your 6 hours with. He was very nice and welcoming.


I am from South Brunswick High School. Getting my license with Somerset Driving School was a breeze. Mr. Khan was a pleasure to work with and I would 100% recommend him.

Adnan Rizmi

I’m from manville high school, and I’ve learned a lot from having this 6 hours of driving with my driving instructor and I have had a lot of fun learning all these things for later on, I’ve enjoyed every hour of it and I believe it was worth it to have.

Matthew Grzywacz

I’m from Bridgewater Raritan high-school, did my 6 hours at the driving the school; I highly recommend this place. The instructor I had was calm and was a huge factor in helping me get my license, great place to learn how to drive.

King Meh

Instructor was very clear and preside with what adjustments I needed to make. Very kind and can tell when a student is ready or not to continue driving. Gives straight forward answers as well, so if you make a mistake, he will tell you about it, then proceed to say what you can do better. I really enjoyed my time having him as my instructor and hope anyone that works for him will have just as good as an experience as I did.


I am from SBHS, my instructor was great and learning how to drive with him was very easy and intuitive.

Arsal Khurram

My instructor Khan was really nice and helped me a lot. I’m more confident now than when I began driving. He is the best!

Alejandra Ayala

I’m from the Bridgewater Raritan Highschool and had almost no experience driving but after my 3 sessions I feel confident in abilities as a driver and feel that I can drive safe and follow the rules of the road.


I’m from manville high school and it was a great learning ride and other than him being a good teacher i had a good time talking about life and making jokes along the way

Joshua Rojas

I’m from Bridgewater-Raritan High School. I just want to take the time to say that my driving instructor, Khan, helped me through my driving journey. He helped me know what to do and what not to do as well as got me where I want to be at.

Ashley Davenport

It was a really good learning experience, and the instructor is very chill and really good at teaching the concepts of driving.

Sreevatsan Sidharthan

It was a great driving school, very informative and had flexible times.

Nathalie Delcid Gonzales

Mr. Khan was always engaged in what was happening on the road and made the 6 hours all the worth. Not once did we stop to run personal errands, which was a big plus, considering many others do not treat this experience the same. Overall, he was a great instructor and massively helped me improve as a driver in terms of my skills and social awareness.

Arsh Batth

I’m from manville high school the experience was very helpful and educational.

Brandon Drozt

For 6 hours, I learned a lot and was much more confident in my driving abilities then when I had started. Khan was a great instructor and gave great tips about overall driving throughout the 6 hours I had. 10/10 Recommend

Chad Cebedo

I had such an amazing experience with Mr. Khan! He was super nice and patient with me. He provided me with so much helpful information that I will continue to use in my future. I recommend this driving school for everyone!!!

Bianca Guzman

My experience with Somerset Driving school was amazing. My instructor was super nice and understanding and helped me completely with passing my driving test. I passed the driving test within my first try thanks to Somerset Driving school. I definitely recommend this driving center in order to get your permit and license. Overall, I had a very good experience with them.

Yasmeen Sakr

Mr. Khan made it very easy to learn. The basics of driving. Also, very good communication.

Kelly Wong

I learned a lot and was able to pass the road test first try.

Andrew Conover

I took my drivers test through Somerset Driving School which I would recommend to anyone taking test or who is starting to drive. My instructor Khan was an amazing teacher who helped me a lot and taught me in an hour what I needed to know for the test. He made me feel comfortable and was very supportive of me. I used other driving companies in the past and had terrible experiences with them, so I would definitely recommend somerset driving school. I passed!

Kelly K.

Very good lessons that helped me prepare for driving.

Alec C.

Amazing experience with Somerset Driving School! Just passed my test because of them, they made sure I was confident in everything I learned!

Ananya Marathe

I’m from SBHS, a friend recommended me here. It was a really great and fun experience. Learning to drive was very fun, and insightful. Would recommend to everyone in NJ.

Wan Ye

My name is Luna, I’m a student at SBHS and Mr.Khan was my driving instructor. He taught me many strategies to be a good driver and how to be safe on the roads. I appreciate how patient he was with me and made me more comfortable as a driver.

Luna Koiwa

Amazing service, very calm instructor, showed me the ropes of driving and also taught me more than I ever thought I could know. I feel like because of him I’ll be a better driver and be able to stay safe while on the road. If you want a great place that will teach and ensure your child’s safety this is the place.

King Biscitz

Somerset driving school really helped me with my driving exam. It was a great experience and the instructor was incredible. I was quite apprehensive for my exam and didn’t know whether I would pass or fail. Fortunately, my instructor was able to give me proper instructions and really did help a lot. I was anxious but my instructor helped me prepare a couple of hours prior to my exam, and I managed to pass. The instructors are very good and I would definitely recommend for any new drivers.

Arjun Koshal

Thanks to Khan I passed my test! Amazing experience and very detailed and helpful with instructions.

Zoe Weng

The driving instructor was very calm and easy to talk to. He provided great tips while I was driving and didn’t make me feel nervous at all. The whole process was fairly fast and simple!!


Excellent instructor. Walks through everything little thing. Excellent 6-hour courses and preparation for the road test itself. Always flexible with the schedule and extremely helpful with all other aspects of helping a new driver. 100% recommend.

Adam Seif

Very nice, teaches you a lot. recommend 10/10!!!!

Sasha Taylor

Great guidance and communication for navigating the road.

Tianna Spitz

The driving instructor Khurram was very knowledgeable and helpful. It was professional and a very good experience. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

Talha Mukhtar

Helped me pass my driver’s test super easy and fast. 10/10 recommend 🙂


Mr. Khurram was an amazing driving instructor. He is very patient and taught me everything I needed to know in order to drive safely. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Raza Syed

My daughter’s test was scheduled on a Wednesday and I called on Monday to get her a brush up class. Kahn made room in his schedule to help us. He was very polite, knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend this school.

Lillianet Mercado

Excellent instruction, very helpful. I got my permit and my license from this driving school and I can say I am extremely satisfied. Very flexible in terms of scheduling. Overall a great experience.

Mustafa Serang

I did the 6 hours of training, and I learned a lot here, including how to parallel park properly. I just passed my road test and everything went smoothly. The instructor was calm, patient, and a good teacher. Overall great experience.

Fawaz Syed

Great experience! The instructor khan helped me a lot and I got my driving license. I would highly recommend this school.

Roshni Makim

My driving instructor was a very good instructor. He helped comfort me on everything I did and always had my back I really do recommend Khan the most!!

Ryan Vollmer

Khan was an amazing driving instructor and made me become very comfortable with driving in the 6 hours we had. Overall a great experience.

Charlie Sun

Mr. Khan is a very good driving instructor, taught me all I needed to know to be prepared for the road!

Om Desai

Very helpful instructor guided me and gave me a lot of confidence on the day of the exam. Extra review sessions were very easy to schedule and very beneficial.

W Qu

The Driving Instructor teaches you a step by step process of driving. Would highly recommend any new drivers.


Khan was an amazing instructor who really helped me by giving me incredible and easy to follow tips. He was very timely when it came to lessons and getting me. With his help I passed the Test and really don’t think I would’ve without him! Also, he is great to talk to, super nice, and very good and helping you with your nerves before the test! Thank you, khan,!!!

Yukta Venugopal

Great Driving Instructor, makes sure you are driving well and gives great instructions.

Ajay Dalal

He was very patient, respectful and very helpful during my driving sessions and would highly recommend.

Kristina Hemmings

He was a very good teacher who brought me the whole way to get my license. Despite being nervous on testing day, he assured me I was going to do great and supported me the whole way.

Jack Cummings

Really helped me learn how to drive and get comfortable with it. Started off very nervous and timid, and ended being very confident.

Cristal Garces-Soares

Made it super easy and comfortable. 10/10

Emily Swindell

Mr. Khan was my driving instructor. Member of an immigrant family, 17 y/o old me always wanted to learn driving. Me and my parents immigrated from India around 2 years ago and my dad found out about Somerset Driving School as soon as we came to NJ, and within the organization about Mr. Khan through various contacts. 2 years ago, within 2 months both my parents got their licenses. I was 15 then so I had to wait it out. When I turned 16, my parents turned back to Mr. Khan for my License. Since my parents didn’t have a 3 y/o License, they couldn’t teach me how to drive and after I turned 17, keeping in Mind that my test was in a week, my dad called Mr. Khan and on such a short notice he taught me driving all over again in a week… here I am, in the car with him going back home, all happy and joyful calling my parents to tell them that I passed the test. Thank you, Mr. Khan.

Saatvika Raj

Very good driving school.

Omar Ahmed

Great instructor. I learned a lot throughout the six hours.


Very good MA, recommend. Very good and informative.

Linda Pirzada

Easy to learn + helpful on the test.

Eli DeRitter

Very helpful learning how to drive.

Colleen Kelly

This DS is the worst. They don’t keep appointments and the instructor just take you driving around and is always on the phone. Big Rip OFF!

Mauvette Mattadeen

Best driving school by far!

Dunya Karimi

I took 6 hours of driving lesson with Mr. Khan and it really helped me improve with my turns and parallel parking. I was also able to drive on the real test route with the instructor.

Nawal Fazal

Very good place.

Megan Fendt

Khan’s tuff

Sheena M.

Highly recommend.


I strongly recommend this driving school! My driving instructor Khan really helped me and kept me calm when I was stressed! One of the best driving schools ever!!!!

Apple Sauce

Helped me pass my driver’s test very easily 🙂


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