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Saatvika Raj

Mr. Khan was my driving instructor. Member of an immigrant family, 17 y/o old me always wanted to learn driving. Me and my parents immigrated from India around 2 years ago and my dad found out about Somerset Driving School as soon as we came to NJ, and within the organization about Mr. Khan through various contacts. 2 years ago, within 2 months both my parents got their licenses. I was 15 then so I had to wait it out. When I turned 16, my parents turned back to Mr. Khan for my License. Since my parents didn’t have a 3 y/o License, they couldn’t teach me how to drive and after I turned 17, keeping in Mind that my test was in a week, my dad called Mr. Khan and on such a short notice he taught me driving all over again in a week… here I am, in the car with him going back home, all happy and joyful calling my parents to tell them that I passed the test. Thank you, Mr. Khan.

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